Knives, forks and scissors are dangerous for small children? Not if you get the right ones. Here’s our range of children's scissors, universal scissors, textile scissors, kitchen scissors and paper scissors by renowned brands such as Victorinox, Fiskars, Scothc and Westcott. 

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Victorinox - Universalschere (23cm)

Victorinox - 8.0905.13 (13cm)

Victorinox - Haushaltschere Linkshänder (21cm)

Victorinox - Haushaltsschere (16cm)

Scotch - precision (20cm)

Victorinox - Haushaltsschere Linkshänder (16cm)

Wedo - Universalscheren-Set

Wedo - metal scissors (11.50cm)

Victorinox - 8.0908.21 (21cm)

Q-Connect - Schere Softgrip (14cm)

Scotch - Titanium (20cm)

Zwilling - Superfection Classic Tailor's Shears, 210mm (21cm)

Pelikan - Scissors pointed Griffix 810296 neonfresh blue lefthanded (13cm)

Westcott - Kinderschere Softgrip Kids (13cm)

Fiskars - Classic (25cm)

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