Best products in the Scissors category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Leitz Titanium non-stick quality scissors

Titanium-coated office scissors made of stainless steel for long-lasting, efficient cutting. These scissors are made in Germany and guarantee high and durable quality. Equipped with a non-stick coating for clean blades when cutting adhesive materials and an ergonomic handle for easy and comfortable handling. 20,5 cm. black. 

Leitz Titanium non-stick quality scissors (20.50 cm)
Quantity discount
12.10per piece for 2 units

Leitz Titanium non-stick quality scissors

20.50 cm


2. Victorinox Universal shears

This universal scissors has stainless steel blades and guarantees reliable results at all times. The robust plastic handle fits comfortably in the hand and makes your work safer. 

Victorinox Universal shears (23 cm)

Victorinox Universal shears

23 cm


3. Papeteria Scissors 15cm

Titanium coated - plastic handle two-tone.

Papeteria Scissors 15cm (15 cm)

Papeteria Scissors 15cm

15 cm


4. Wedo Universal scissors set

Rust protected, individually ground scissor blades made of polished stainless steel ensure easy movement. Hand-formed black handles made of plastic (PP) with red soft inserts. length: 160/210/255 mm 

Wedo Universal scissors set
Quantity discount
6.85per piece for 3 units

Wedo Universal scissors set


5. Kai fabric scissors

The new V5000 series has been specially developed for professional applications and includes 5 scissor models in 3 colour variations. The blades of the series are made of 56 HRC hard and stainless NSSWR-2 stainless steel. The scissors have a satin finish. A stainless steel adjusting screw ensures perfect tension adjustment, the ergonomic handles made of soft plastic fit securely in the hand. A practical blade guard is included in the delivery. 

Kai fabric scissors (21 cm)

Kai fabric scissors

21 cm


6. Victorinox Left-handed household scissors

Since the cutting tool that no household can do without, scissors must be a reliable player that is precise, practical and durable. For this reason, we have incorporated all these features into our household and professional scissors so that they are just as useful in work situations as they are in households. With simple blades made of exceptionally hard stainless steel, equipped with handles made of synthetic material, these simple, useful and ergonomic scissors are a true all-rounder. 

Victorinox Left-handed household scissors (21 cm)

Victorinox Left-handed household scissors

21 cm


7. Maped Kidikut

From 2 years, fiberglass blades that do not cut skin, hair, clothing and do not conduct electricity, rounded tips.

Maped Kidikut (12 cm)
Quantity discount
2.60per piece for 4 units

Maped Kidikut

12 cm


8. Scotch Scissors precision

Paper scissors with ergonomically comfortable soft grummigrips, for precise cutting with long-lasting quality.

Scotch Scissors precision (18 cm)
Quantity discount
9.55per piece for 2 units

Scotch Scissors precision

18 cm


9. Victorinox Household scissors

The household and all-purpose scissors are characterised by high-quality workmanship with stainless Inox stainless steel. The robust black plastic handle provides good grip when cutting paper, cardboard, product packaging and much more. 

Victorinox Household scissors (16 cm)

Victorinox Household scissors

16 cm


10. Pelikan Scissors pointed Griffix 810296 neonfresh blue lefthanded

The ergonomic griffix pointed school scissors is 3 x harder than steel due to a titanium nitride coating. The ergonomic handle is made of high-quality ABS plastic and is latex-free. As with the popular learn-to-write system, the laughing Griffix face ensures the correct hand position. With name tag. 

Pelikan Scissors pointed Griffix 810296 neonfresh blue lefthanded (13 cm)
Quantity discount
4.05per piece for 4 units

Pelikan Scissors pointed Griffix 810296 neonfresh blue lefthanded

13 cm