Robot lawnmowers

Put your feet up and relax in the sun instead of pushing the lawnmower around. Sounds good? Then you should consider buying a robotic lawnmower (sometimes called an Automower after the Husqvarna brand). Robotic lawnmowers are a good thing because they do the job very conscientiously and the regular cutting makes the lawn carpet denser and more resilient.

How it works
A robotic lawnmower is equipped with sharp blades that cut the lawn with millimetre precision. These smart devices work according to the principle of autonomy. They mow the lawn independently and then return to the charging station to refuel. Thanks to their sensors, they detect obstacles and skilfully avoid them. As it regularly mows the lawn and finely chops the clippings, they also serve as a natural fertiliser for your lawn. The result: a well-kept, healthy and lush green lawn without you having to lift a finger. Most robotic mowers mow randomly, i.e. chaotically and not in strips, to create an even lawn surface. The mowing process usually takes about an hour and after an hour of charging the next run begins. The robotic lawnmower and charging station are usually splash-proof. However, you should still protect both devices from heavy weather conditions, e.g. with protective covers or robotic lawnmower garages.

There are some important factors to consider when buying a robotic lawnmower. Here are the most important filter options to help you find the right robotic lawnmower for your needs:
Lawn area to: The maximum lawn area that a robotic lawnmower can handle is a crucial factor. Therefore, before buying, check whether the robotic lawnmower is suitable for your lawn area. You will find the information about the maximum area in the product descriptions.
Maximum slope: If your garden has some slopes or uneven surfaces, it is important that the robotic lawnmower can cope with them. Pay attention to the maximum slope the robot can handle. This will prevent it from getting stuck on the slopes.
Cutting height: The cutting height influences the appearance of your lawn. Depending on your personal preference, you can set the desired height. Some robotic lawnmowers offer different cutting height settings, while other models have a fixed cutting height.
Cutting width: The cutting width indicates how wide the robotic lawnmower mows in one pass. A wider cutting width means that the robot needs less time to complete the lawn. Note, however, that a wide robotic lawnmower may not be suitable for very narrow passages.

When buying a robotic lawnmower, it is also advisable to look for additional features. For example, some models offer an app control that allows you to operate and monitor the robotic lawnmower via your smartphone. Others have a rain sensor function that automatically sends the robot to the charging station in bad weather.

Other things to know
Depending on the model, the noise emission is less than 60-70 decibels, which is roughly equivalent to the sound of a conversation - a big difference from the volume of modern petrol lawnmowers. Robotic mowers should be cleaned of grass clippings from time to time to keep them working optimally.

For small city gardens and compact, flat lawns, there is now a good selection of affordable models, e.g. Gardena robotic mowers or machines from Worx. If the areas become large and more complex, it is worth buying a Husqvarna Automower or a Bosch model. Gardena additionally offers good networking with other garden systems with, for example, the Smart Sileno sets.