Record players

The record player, phonograph or gramophone was the most common device for playing recorded sound from the late 1870s until the late 1980s.
Turntables continue to be manufactured and sold into the 21st
century, although in small numbers. While there are many audiophiles who still prefer vinyl records over digital music sources (primarily compact disc) for what they consider superior sound quality, they represent an enthusiastic minority of listeners. The quality of the available record players, tonearms, and cartridges has continued to improve, despite a diminishing market, allowing turntables to remain competitive on the high end audio systems market. 

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House of Marley - Stir It Up Wireless (Mid-range, Manual, Brown)

Sony - PS-HX500 (Premium, Manual, Black)

Sony - PS-LX310BT inkl. SRS-XB12 (entry, Automatic)

House of Marley - Stir It Up (Mid-range, Manual, Brown)

Denon - DP-300F (Premium, Automatic, Black)

Audio-Technica - AT-LP120X (Mid-range, Manual, Silver)

Pro-Ject - Essential III (Mid-range, Manual, piano)

Pro-Ject - Debut Carbon DC Esprit SB (High-end, Manual, White)

Thorens - TD-206 (Premium, Manual, Piano white)

Denon - DP-400 (Mid-range, Semi-automatic, Black)

Audio-Technica - AT-LP120X (Mid-range, Manual, Black)

- Sony & Klipsch Vinyl Stereoset (Premium, Manual, Black)

Lenco - L-90 (Mid-range, Manual, Walnut)

Denon - DP-300F (Premium, Automatic, Silver)

reloop - HiFi Turn3 (Mid-range, Semi-automatic, Black)

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