Projector accessories

A beamer is top, but only with the right accessories. Whether remote control, stand, lens or a wireless HDMI transmission, you'll find it here. With over 300 products in the projector accessories section from brands such as BenQ, Acer, Viewsonic and Epson, you can buy everything your beamer heart desires here. 

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Epson - ELPLX01 - UST lens G7000 series (Lens)

BenQ - MU686/MU706 Ersatzlampe (Feature enhancement)

BenQ - WiFi dongle TWY01 (Feature enhancement)

TECHly - Trolley (Stand for LCD projector)

Acer - HWA1 WirelessMirror HDMI Dongle (Feature enhancement)

Optoma - OCMPRO Clamp (Various)

Hama - Sportsline L (Beamer carrier bag)

Acer - MC.JKY11.009 (Feature enhancement)

Epson - ELPAP10 Adapter (Feature enhancement)

Elmo - Spare power supply unit for L-1xx, L12xx (adaptor)

Optoma - WUSB Wireless USB Adapter (Feature enhancement)

BenQ - Standard (5J.JDH37.022), ThrowRatio: 1.54~1.93:1 (Lens)

BenQ - QP20 QCast Mirror HDMI Wireless Dongle (Feature enhancement)

BenQ - InstaShow Button Kit (Feature enhancement)

Acer - MC.JK211.007 (Remote control)