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Whether for use in your own home cinema, in the business sector, for gaming or on the road, in our range you will find projectors from brands such as Samsung, Optoma, Epson, LG and more. The right projector ensures high-quality transmission of films, games, photos or presentations.

When buying a projector, you should consider aspects such as contrast ratio, luminosity in ANSI lumens and connection options. The higher the luminosity, the brighter your environment can be. Beamers with a low luminosity should be used in a dark room. Make sure that the contrast ratio is high enough to see the image clearly in your desired environment. The contrast ratio indicates how big the difference is between the light and dark colours. And don't forget to check the connections before you buy so that they fit your setup. Other functions such as lens shift, keystone and optical zoom provide even better adjustment options. Don't forget resolution either, especially for home cinema, high resolution is a must for sharp images.

What is the best way to find out which projector suits me best?

If you know in advance where you want to use a beamer, the best place to look is in the application area. Here you can quickly and easily search for home cinema, gaming, business, 3D beamers and more. Particularly interesting are the portable beamers, which you can easily take with you in your backpack thanks to their compact design. For a good picture quality and size you usually need enough distance to the wall, with a short distance projector you can place it much closer to the wall.

Which projection technology should I choose?

DLP projectors are known for their compact design, reliability, robustness and good price/performance ratio. However, the rainbow effect can occur during fast scenes. For you, this would look as if a rainbow were constantly flickering across the picture from top to bottom.

LCD projectors are characterised by their higher picture quality, sharpness and more differentiated grey tones. Numbers, letters and figures are therefore easier to read than with DLP projectors. On the other hand, the response time of LCD projectors is usually slower than that of DLP projectors. This means that there is a slight lag in fast movements. Maybe not so good for you as a gamer or enthusiastic sports watcher. On the other hand, there is no rainbow effect with LCD projectors.

In short, DLP projectors are more suitable for home cinema, games and sports programmes. LCD projectors are more suitable for the office or meeting room.

How far should my projector be from the wall or screen?

The projection ratio indicates how far a projector should be from a wall or screen to project a 1-metre-wide image. For example, with a projection ratio of 1.3:1, you need to place your projector at a distance of 1.3 metres to see a 1 metre wide projection.