Notebook batteries

A notebook battery ensures that a notebook remains functional without a direct power connection. They are usually not interchangeable from device to device, as they vary in size, weight and performance.

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Lenovo - 45N1153 (9Cells)

Lenovo - 01AV458 (4Cells, 3575mAh)

Lenovo - Thinkpad Battery 61++ (6Cells, 5200mAh)

Lenovo - 45N1126 (3Cells, 2060mAh)

Lenovo - 01AV439 (4Cells, 3425mAh)

Lenovo - 0A36283 ThinkPad Battery 29++ (9Cells, 9000mAh)

Lenovo - 0A36303 (9Cells, 8400mAh)

Lenovo - ThinkPad Battery 44 (4Cells)

Lenovo - Thinkpad Notebook Battery 75+ (6Cells, 5600mAh)

Lenovo - 44++ (9Cells)

Lenovo - FRU01AV405

Lenovo - 0C52861 (3Cells, 2060mAh)

Lenovo - ThinkPad Battery 68+ (6Cells, 6600mAh)

Lenovo - ThinkPad 57+ (6Cells, 5200mAh)

Lenovo - ThinkPad 57++ (9Cells, 9210mAh)