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Mobile phone covers

Our online shop offers a wide range of mobile phone covers to protect your Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, Huawei phone or any other smartphone. Our selection of products can be easily filtered by brand, model, colour, type of cover, range of functions and material.

A mobile phone cover does more than protect your mobile device. Today, phone covers offer a wide range of functions. Discover ecological, waterproof, coloured, safe, protective, matt, shiny and trendy mobile phone cases. Necklace cases are phone covers on a cord that are carried around the neck or shoulders. They’re a popular accessory right now. But not only necklace cases are a trend; sustainable covers made of biological and natural materials without plastic, some of which are even completely compostable, are also gaining popularity. There are also mobile phone cases with a standing function, card pockets for business cards or credit cards, sports wristbands for jogging and much more.

You will find the best smartphone cases with us. Into classic, simple, stylish, functional, transparent or glitter covers? You decide. One thing is certain: a protective cover can also give your phone extra style, for example with floral patterns, jokes or famous motifs.

We also offer a variety of brands. Besides the original cases from Apple, Samsung & co. there are fashion mobile phone cases by iDeal of Sweden, robust outdoor cases by Lifeproof, Otterbox, UAG or Quad Lock and many more.

Our shop offers cases of all kinds of qualities: low-cost, simple and transparent silicone cases as well as high-quality and first-class leather cases and covers featuring elegant designs.

Our shop also offers a large selection of mobile phone cases made of various materials. How about a mobile phone cover made of wood, leather or even stone, for example?

If you’re often on the road, a battery case – that’s a smartphone case with an integrated battery – is a good choice. It works similarly to a powerbank that’s attached to your phone. Activate the charging function on the case and it charges your smartphone. Of course, the cover needs to be recharged after it's used.

There are different types of cases. A back cover is attached to the back of the device and protects this side of the device – sometimes even beyond the edges and side margins, while the front or the screen always remains accessible. A book cover protects your device on the back and front and can be opened like a book. If the cover can be opened from top to bottom, it’s referred to as a flipcover. When you're not using your device, this type of case leaves the front or screen covered. Have fun shopping for smartphone cases.

If you have a special wish or would like us to add something to our range, feel free to write a comment.