Use a spotlight to illuminate the mirror ball. A colour wheel in front of the spotlight creates mood and brings variety. With a motor you keep the ball in motion. Mirror balls are also available as hemispheres with built-in motors for lower rooms. 

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BeamZ - Mirror ball incl. motor (30cm)

Eurolite - Mirror ball set LEDSpot (30cm)

BeamZ - Mirror ball motor (30cm)

Olympia - Party lights Disco mirror ball MLB13 (12cm)

BeamZ - mirror ball 20cm (20cm)

Showtec - Mirrorball (20cm)

BeamZ - Mirror ball motor

Showtec - Mirrorball 5 cm (5cm)

Showtec - Professional Mirrorball (30cm)

BeamZ - Mirror ball (30cm)

Showtec - Mirrorball 15 cm (15cm)

IMG STAGE LINE - MB-300 (30cm)

Showtec - Professional Mirrorball 50 cm (50cm)

Eurolite - LED Discokugel-Set mit LED-Bel (20cm)

BeamZ - Spiegelkugel mit Motor (20cm)