Magnets help you attach your loose sheets of papers – magnets for attaching cards or to do's to your fridge are always popular. Browse our range for your favourite motif. The effect of magnetism is caused by moving electric charge. We offer magnets up to a holding power of 21 kg. 

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supermagnete - Würfelmagnet (10Piece)

Velleman - Magnete (10Piece)

supermagnete - Scheibenmagnet (5Piece)

Magnetoplan - Discofix Hobby (10Piece)

Spielba - Bauernhof (24Piece)

Spielba - Zahlen (60Piece)

Sigel - Superdym Magnetzylinder (10Piece)

Trendform - Steely (10Piece)

Durable - Magnetic tape 20mmx5m white (1Piece)

Sigel - Superdym Magnetwürfel (10Piece)

BoOffice - Magnete MagPin (12Piece)

Spielba - Buchstaben (60Piece)

Spielba - Garten (24Piece)

Trendform - Black Mamba (2Piece)

Zeller Present - Magnet-Set (6Piece)

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