Lighting controllers

The lighting control is done with a lighting control panel. This can be used to control all kinds of spotlights, moving heads, scanners and fog machines. A distinction is made between simple on/off switches, control units for dimming spotlights and DMX control consoles, with which even complex setups can be orchestrated to great effect. 

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Eurolite - DMX Controller freeDMX AP

Showtec - RP-405 MKII Relay Pack

BeamZ - DMX-240

BeamZ - BBP Wireless DMX

Eurolite - DMX Interface USB-DMX512 PRO M

ADJ - DMX Controller RGBW4C IR 8-Kan

- DMX Controller CLCONTROL6 6-Ka

HQ Power - Daslight DVC4 GZM

BeamZ - Light Rider/ESA2 USB/WiFi

BeamZ Pro - Lichtsteuerung STICK-CW4

HQ Power - Daslight DVC4 GOLD

BeamZ Pro - Lichtsteuerung STICK-GU2

BeamZ - DMX-024PRO


HQ Power - Daslight DVC Fun