Kitchen roll

Kitchen rolls are a staple for both household and professional environments, offering a versatile solution for cleaning and wiping tasks. Their ease of use and disposable nature make them a practical choice for quickly dealing with spills, drying hands, and maintaining hygiene. Customers frequently reach for kitchen rolls while cooking to mop up liquids, as napkins during meals, or for general cleaning purposes where a quick and efficient solution is needed.

Among the leading brands in the kitchen roll market is Plenty, featuring their highly popular Original kitchen rolls, appreciated for their strength and absorbency. Katrin also stands out with their Towels Z-Fold Classic Non-Stop M 2, tailor-made for continuous dispensing, reducing consumption and waste. Oeco Swiss is another noteworthy brand that provides kitchen rolls lauded for their eco-friendliness without compromising on efficiency. BulkySoft's Z-fold solution changes the common perception of kitchen rolls, introducing a dispensable, stacked form factor for ease of access. Lastly, Tork is well-regarded for their durable Paper towels, which are a common sight in both commercial and domestic settings, trusted for their quality and reliability in keeping spaces clean and dry.