Our range of glue is as diverse as its applications. You’ll find popular brands like UHU, Pattex and Loctite. So which adhesive is the right one? When making your choice, you should primarily look at how suitable the glue is for bonding the desired materials, as well as the range of use.

Craft glue is water-based, safe to use and dries transparent. It’s especially suitable for light materials such as paper, cardboard, fabric, wood, cork and foam.

The jack-of-all-trades in our range is the all-purpose adhesive – a liquid glue that stands out because it’s suitable for a wide range of substrates, such as cardboard, paper, fabric or wood. However, its shelf life decreases at higher temperatures or humidity. Because of this, it’s mainly recommended for indoor use.

Assembly adhesive, also known as mounting adhesive, has a much stronger bond strength and adheres to a wide variety of building materials. DIYers can use it to repair any holes in their walls. Fully cured, assembly adhesive is also suitable as a sealant.

Quick and mighty: superglue is often the saviour in emergencies, because it bonds materials in a very short time and immediately makes them resilient again. But it’s important to be careful when handling superglue and to avoid skin contact.

Epoxy adhesive is a two-component adhesive. It’s made of epoxy resin and a curing agent. These substances are stored separately and are only mixed in the correct amounts right before use. Due to its strong load-bearing capacity, the adhesive is ideal for outdoor use.

We also carry power glue, repair glue, wood glue, modelling clay and special glue.