Flash accessories

Studio photography is not only popular in bad weather. It doesn't take much to get nice pictures in the studio: Flash, transmitter, softbox or light shaper and a suitable background are often enough. We have background fabrics and backdrops in many colours. You will also find a large selection of recording and softboxes, octaboxes and light shapers. You prefer to shoot outside and want to use the light even better for your shooting? In the category flash lighting accessories you will also find the right thing for this. We have wireless receivers and transmitters to trigger your flash remotely, as well as flash holders, autopoles and clamping rods to attach it. Especially when you're shooting outdoors, folding reflectors are almost indispensable. They catch and reflect the light especially well. We carry all the well-known brands in the field of flash lighting and accessories, such as Dörr, Elinchrom, Lastolite, Manfrotto, Walimex and Westcott. 

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PocketWizard - MultiMAX II 32 Channel (flash trigger)

PocketWizard - ZoneController Nikon (flash remote control)

PocketWizard - FlexTT5 Nikon DSLR (flash trigger)

PocketWizard - ZoneController Canon (flash remote control)

PocketWizard - G-Wiz Squared (pouch)

PocketWizard - Plus III Transceiver (flash remote control)

PocketWizard - MiniTT1 Nikon DSLR (flash remote control)

PocketWizard - Plus X Transceiver (flash trigger)

PocketWizard - MiniTT1 Canon EOS (flash trigger)

PocketWizard - G-Wiz Squared (pouch)

PocketWizard - G-Wiz Squared (pouch)

PocketWizard - FlexTT5 Canon EOS (flash trigger)

PocketWizard - Anschlusskabel (flash cables)