Digital TV receivers

A digital receiver (also digital decoder or digital receiver) is a receiver device for decoding digitally transmitted television and value-added services via cable, satellite or terrestrial antenna, especially in DVB format. This receiver can either be integrated directly into the playback device (see also Tuner and IDTV) or be implemented as an external device (Set-Top-Box) for retrofitting the existing equipment, whereby the latter is usually accompanied by a digital-to-analog conversion of the signal. 

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Formuler - Z 8 (16GB, IPTV (ready))

Formuler - Z+ (8GB, IPTV (ready))

Formuler - Z 7+ 5G black (8GB, IPTV (ready))

TVIP - S-Box v.605 WiFi, Black (8GB, IPTV (ready))

infomir - MAG 322 W1 (IPTV (ready))

Formuler - Z Nano (4GB, IPTV (ready))

infomir - MAG 322

infomir - MAG 425 A (8GB, IPTV (ready))

infomir - MAG 324 (IPTV (ready))

Vu+ - Zero 4K (DVB-S2X, Xcrypt)

TVIP - S-Box v.415 WiFi (IPTV (ready))

Formuler - Z 7+ black (8GB, IPTV (ready))

infomir - MAG 324 W2 (IPTV (ready))

TechniSat - DIGIT ISIO STC (2x DVB-C/T/T2/S2, CI+ slot, Conax, HD+)

infomir - MAG420 (IPTV (ready))

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