Children's radios

Remember your first children’s radio? Inserting CDs yourself or recording your favourite radio songs on cassette (without the presenter ruining it).

Colourful kids’ radios are a true eye catcher in any nursery. Alongside classic radio functions, some players feature a CD or cassette drive. There are also children's radios with microphones. Some of them even have a built-in karaoke function – for a party in the kids’ room. For even more music variety, third-party devices, such as mobile phones or MP3 players, can be connected to the children's radio via a USB connection. Simple, intuitive handling is important when it comes to children's radios. For kids, it’s important to be able to select their own music, set the volume, press the buttons and enjoy listening to music. Generally speaking, children's radios are compact so that they can be taken along without any problems.

Our range includes children's radios by the brands Lenco, Vtech, Lexibook, Bontempi and many more.