Card storage

Learning with flashcards is one of the most popular and efficient learning methods and works very easily. You will need a flashcard box with five ever-increasing compartments and the flashcards. You can write the question on the front of each card and the answer on the back. When learning German vocabulary, for instance, you can write the English word on the front and the German translation on the back. Or you can learn the vocabulary in reverse order, from foreign language to native language.

Once you have created the flashcards, place them in the first compartment of the card index box.
Take a flashcard from the first compartment and read the front. Think about the answer and then check it by looking at the back. If you got it right, put the flashcard in the second compartment; if you got it wrong, leave it in the first compartment. Repeat the process until you have worked through about 10 to 15 flashcards.
After about 2 days, work on all flashcards in the second compartment. Proceed in the same way as for the cards in the first section. Correctly answered flashcards move to the next higher compartment (subject 3) and incorrectly answered flashcards return to the first one.
Create a schedule when you will work through which compartment.

As a rule, the following time intervals have proved good:

Compartment1: daily
Compartment2: after 2-3 days
Compartment3: after about 10 days
Compartment4: after about 30 days
Compartment5: after about 90 days

This information can, of course, vary from person to person and depends on your personal receptivity. Begin as suggested here and adjust the time intervals according to your learning progress.