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Car audio/video (car AV), mobile audio, 12-volt and other terms are used to describe the sound or video system fitted in an automobile. While 12-volt audio and video systems are also used, marketed, or manufactured for marine, aviation, and buses, this article focuses on cars as the most common application. From the earliest days of radio, enthusiasts had adapted domestic equipment to use in their cars. In the 1960s, tape players using reel to reel equipment, Compact Cassettes, and then 8-track cartridges were introduced for in-car use. 

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Blaupunkt - Bremen SQR 46 DAB (DAB+, Bluetooth)

JVC - KD-X451DBT inkl. DAB Antenne (DAB+, Bluetooth)

Pioneer - SPH-DA230DAB mit DAB+ Antenne (DAB+, Bluetooth, Android Car)

Sony - MEX-N7300KIT (DAB+, Bluetooth, Android Car)

JVC - KD-DB97BT inkl. DAB-Antenne (DAB+, Bluetooth)

Alpine - iLX-F903D (DAB+, Bluetooth, Android Car)

Pioneer - DMH-A3300DAB (DAB+)

Pioneer - AVH-Z7200DAB (DAB+)

JVC - KD-X351BT (Bluetooth)

Sony - XAV-AX205DB (DAB+, Bluetooth, Android Car)

Sony - XAV-AX3005DB (DAB+, Bluetooth, Android Car)

Sony - DSX-A510DKIT (DAB+, Bluetooth)

Blaupunkt - Rome 990 DAB (DAB+, Bluetooth, Android Car)

Kenwood Corp. - Moniceiver DMX8019DABS (DAB+)


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