Buttons + Switches

Dive into the world of innovative home automation with our extensive range of buttons and switches designed to enhance both functionality and aesthetics in your personal or professional space. When browsing through our collection, you'll discover an array of smart solutions for controlling various aspects of your environment with ease and precision.

From sleek, tactile push-buttons to convenient wall switches, customers will be spoilt for choice. Our offerings cater to a wide variety of needs, whether you’re looking for the elegance and reliability of the Gira Push-button 3 Plus 2-fold 514200 System 55, the sophisticated blind management system of Busch-Jaeger, or the uncompromising power control provided by Eaton's Circuit breaker NZMN3-AE400.

MDT stands out with their intelligently designed BE-GT2TW.02, a user-friendly touch sensor that brings modernity and efficiency to your fingertips. Each brand in our catalog, including the likes of Somfy with their intuitive Radio wall transmitter, is synonymous with quality and innovation, ensuring you can select the ideal product to suit your specific requirements.

Moreover, our selection encompasses products that can readily integrate with home automation and smart home systems, granting you the convenience of remote control and programmable settings. With the power to customize your living or working environment, you're not just buying a simple switch or button; you're stepping into the future of intuitive home management. Explore our top brands, which include MDT, Gira, Busch-Jaeger, Somfy, and Eaton, and experience the perfect combination of design, technology, and ease of use.