Built-in fridge

When buying a built-in refrigerator, there are several factors that should be considered.

First of all, you need to check which standard the built-in refrigerator
must meet. There are three standard norms, one CH norm and two different EU norms. The corresponding size can be found in the characteristics.
Another important aspect is the installation type of the refrigerator. A distinction is made between decorable and fully integrable. Decorable means that a decor front is included in the scope of delivery. In the case of the fully integrable installation type, no decor front is included in the scope of delivery.

Furthermore, there are different types of refrigerators. There are built-in refrigerators with freezer compartment or without. In the fridge-freezer combination type, the built-in refrigerator has a separate door for the freezer compartment.

In addition, the mass plays an important role when buying a refrigerator built-in, so that the device also fits into the kitchen. The desired mass can be specified in the filters.