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X8 (18 km/h)
Airwheel X8 (18 km/h)


5 years ago
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5 out of 5 stars

Most fun you can have for 300 CHF in Switzerland

If you are on a budget, you can buy a X3 instead for 200CHF, but Airwheel X8 is more stable and for the price difference, I would get the X8 even if it's your first.


  • Good for training your balance and concentration.
  • 15 km range
  • Rugged
  • Small enough to carry around in the car or bus or train
  • Super easy to learn, difficult to master.
  • Perfect machine for first learning how to ride a electric unicycle.
  • Much kooler than Segway, and much more practical when you become expert.


  • Range could be better
  • Cannot climb steep slopes
  • Should have a handle like a luggage trolley handle for transporting without lifting.
  • Bit heavy to carry by hand. More heavy than the X3
  • 15km/h is a bit too slow. Wish if it went 25km/h
  • Not suitable for the clumsy people. Requires focus and patience.
  • inmotion V8 has a better range, speed, and portability.