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HomePod mini (Apple Siri)
Apple HomePod mini (Apple Siri)


9 months ago
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4 out of 5 stars

Good sound although too much bass.

Overall the experience is very positive. After watching so many reviews, I was expecting way more in terms of sound. I think everyone that reviews and says it has a great sound, need to say that it does, for its size or against a crappy speaker. Saying this has great sound is very relative....
Anyway it does have a nice tone to it and for the most part, you can listen to music from it although it is Bass heavy. Changing EQ doesn't help much but I guess if you don't use a proper Hi-Fi for music, you will get used to it. That is, until you turn on again your Hi-Fi system...
Overall the best part is the Homekit Integration, the Intercom and recognizing everyone's voice here at home, the kids love it and you feel this has more potential on future firmwares for sure.


  • Homekit integration
  • Aesthetics
  • per person voice recognition
  • Good sound depending on whats playing


  • too boomy, bit too much bass
  • huge power adapter, could be a simple plug