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PavoTube II 6C RGB (rod light)
Nanlite PavoTube II 6C RGB (rod light)

Serge R

2 years ago



5 out of 5 stars

Best RGB Lightweight light out there!

Nanlite is a professional lighting company, the past 6 months they've been growing incredibly fast, with really professional gear, competing with Aputure. with better prices and a better CRI score.

the Pavo Tubes have been
a speciality for Nanlite, a lot of people love them, and I told myself "Damn Nanlite is really good, I'll only switch completely to Nanlite if they have a product like the Aputure MC Light" and they've done it, with a better product, the PavoTube II 6C RBG - It is so great, it really makes you question "was that mini manfrotto LED light really worth 50 bucks??" The 6C is really easy to use, it has a lot of built in features that you can access without the need of an APP, the build quality is really good, feel premium, you feel the nanlite quality when even the charging USB-C cable feels really premium, I knew it was a powerful light but when I put it to 100%, let me tell you I was still shocked to see how POWERFUL that light is!

There is just so much to tell about that light, the only thing I can suggest is, if you're into video or photography, 1 isn't enough, you'll definitely want a few more once you get your first one!


  • High Quality Light
  • Long Battery Life
  • Well Built
  • Light Weight
  • Incredible Price
  • Easy to use