T'nB TNB E-Scooter Universal Transport Strap

Product details

Universal carrying strap for scooters

Simplify your life and transport your scooter with this universal strap. Fold up the scooter, hook the two snap hooks on both ends into two sturdy axles.
This way you can carry your scooter with a shoulder strap. This is ideal for carrying it, storing it or even riding it on public transport. The strap is designed to be easy to attach and handle without sacrificing comfort. It has a shoulder pad with massage nubs and allows a balanced weight distribution between the front and back to prevent pain, making it suitable for everyone. The length of the strap is adjustable, making it suitable for all scooters as well as all body shapes.

Key specifications

Personal E-Transporter Accessory type
E-scooter bag
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Electric vehicle properties

Personal E-Transporter Accessory type
E-scooter bag

Package dimensions

5 cm
7.50 cm
18.50 cm
146 g

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