Rs Pro Black low shrink temp tube 9.5mm i/d

Product details

Hose diameter = 9.5mm
Shrink diameter = 4.8mm
Color = Black
Sleeves Type = Heat Shrinkable
Adhesive coated = No
Shrink ratio = 2:1
Hose length = 6m
Material = Polyolefin
Flame retardant = Yes
= No
Standards = UL

RS Pro General Purpose Flexible Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing, 2:1 Ratio. From RS Pro a range of high quality, easy to use general purpose heat shrink tubing made from flexible, flame retardant polyolefin. This heat shrinkable tubing has a low shrink temperature of just 70°C (minimum) and a shrink ratio of 2:1 which means it shrinks to half of its original diameter. What is Heat Shrink Tubing?. Heat shrink tubing is a type of extruded plastic tubing that can be cut to size and fitted over a wire or cable joint to protect and insulate the connection. When heated is applied the tubing shrinks permanently providing a protective seal. The amount it shrinks depends on its heat ratio. When you buy the tubing it is in its expanded state, this expanded tubing has memory so when it is heated it returns to its original state. Larger shrink ratios are required to cover materials with a greater size variation. How to use Heat Shrink Tubing. The diameter of the wire or cable or cable is measured and the correct sized heat shrink tubing selected. A piece of the tube is cut to size which is long enough to cover the connection or joint after heating. This then slides onto the wire. After the cable or wire has been joined the piece of heat shrink shrinkable tube is moved over the joint and heated with a heat gun until it shrinks and forms a tight wrapping around the joint. Features and Benefits of Flexible Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing. Flexible polyolefin is a material derived from polyethylene and is one of the most commonly used insulating materials being both highly flexible, fast shrinking and durable. When heated this polyolefin tubing shrinks radially to half its original diameter hence the ratio of 2:1. Flexible polyolefin tubing has the following properties:. Very flexible 2:1 shrinkage ratio, shrinks to half its original diameter Flame retardant (apart from transparent version) Operating temperature range of -55 to +125°C Low heat shrink temperature of 70°C (minimum) Minimum full recovery temperature: 100°C Excellent electrical insulation properties Resistant to common fluids and solvents Excellent abrasion resistance. What is Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing Used For?. This polyolefin heat shrink is very versatile and is used in both commercial and industrial applications for protecting and sealing cable joints and in-line components such as disconnect terminal and wire splices. It can also be used to carry out repairs on existing worn or torn cable or wiring insulation Applications include the following:. Electrical insulation Environmental protection against moisture, dust, and chemicals. Mechanical protection to wires and small parts from abrasion Mechanical strain relief on cable and connector joints to prevent damage caused by flexing or bending Bundling and organizing harness wires, cable, and tubing Colour coded identification of cables, wires, and components.

Key specifications

Heat shrink tubing type
Heat shrink tubing
Diameter before shrinking
9.50 mm
Diameter after shrinkage
4.80 mm
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Heat shrink tube properties

Heat shrink tubing type
Heat shrink tubing
Diameter before shrinking
9.50 mm
Diameter after shrinkage
4.80 mm
Shrink rate

Product dimensions

6000 mm

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3 cm
3 cm
19 g

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