Rs Pro B/bearing axial fan,80sqx25mm 24V low

80 mm, Minimum order 2
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Product details

Supply voltage = 24 V dc
Height = 80mm
Power consumption = 960mW
Current max = 50mA
Air flow rate = 26cfm
Noise level = 23dB
Fan speed = 2100rpm
Static pressure = 0.07in/H2O
Bearing type = Ball
Fan housing
shape = square
Connection type = Conductor

Brushless DC Axial Fans from RS Pro. These axial fans from RS Pro are an excellent choice for cooling applications. With fully integrated electronic commutation, this axial fan provides stable and smooth airflow to the cooled device. After selecting the appropriate axial fan, you will see that this series of brushless DC fans is among the best in class. All models are very reliable and offer excellent quality. Features and Benefits. PBT thermoplastic housing Square orientation Can be mounted horizontally or vertically Low noise level. How loud are these fans?. Due to their low decibel levels, these axial fans can be used unobtrusively in quiet environments. For example, a whisper has 30 dB, and the highest decibel value of this entire series of RS Pro is 51 dB, and the lowest is 18, which means that they can be classified as whisper-quiet. What are axial fans?. An axial fan is a type of fan that is commonly used in everyday applications such as air conditioners and computers. It ensures that both air and gas (depending on the application) flow directly through it in an axial direction. This allows air/gas to flow in and out axially. You can find RS Pro axial fans in everyday appliances such as refrigerators, motors and PCs. What is a brushless motor?. A standard brushed motor uses carbon brushes, ring magnets, armatures and commutators. RS Pro's brushless series requires none of these components. What's left is a lightweight, durable, and smoothly operating axial fan. Does this fan use ball bearings or plain bearings?. This fan uses ball bearings that can be mounted in both horizontal and vertical positions. Ball bearings are usually the preferred choice due to their long life and higher operating temperature. When you choose a ball bearing axial fan from RS Pro Ball Bearings, you get quality.

Key specifications

Fan dimension
80 mm
Max. noise level
23 dB
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General information

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Fan properties

Fan dimension
80 mm
Max. Speed
2100 RPM
Max. noise level
23 dB

Power supply

Power consumption (active)
0.96 W
input voltage
24 V
Electric current
0.05 A

Product dimensions

96 mm
96 mm
42 mm

Package dimensions

9.80 cm
9.80 cm
4.10 cm
84 g

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