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tectake Bürostuhl Goodman
74.95 CHF

tectake Bürostuhl Goodman

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  • Dovahzahkrii

    4 years ago
    purchased this product

    In itself, a good, inexpensive office chair. If it were not for this one, painful little thing.

    I bought this chair 5 months ago. Since I changed from an ancient office chair to this, it felt the first 2 days as I sit on clouds :). In itself, a very comfortable chair (which, however, in the 5 months, 14 francs more expensive O.o.... weihnachten.....).

    BUT. The upholstery of the armrests were already after not even a week no longer in shape. Meanwhile, they are so through that my elbow hurts because the upholstery is apparently fixed from the inside. there looks out a screw head that presses exactly on the elbow because the upholstery there is no longer protecting anything. Remove this screw would also only, in which you tear off the pad irrevocably.

    I do not expect that I get for 80 francs (now 90) an ultra stable metal frame, electric adjustability, etc.. But that there are screws installed that lead after a short time to complaints, is definitely under all sow. Yes I am as sensitive as the princess with the pea under the mattress. But the fact that I now have to buy a new chair that hopefully won't have any of those flaws is a bit reprehensible.


    • Comfortable seat
    • Good ergonomics
    • easy to assemble


    • Arm pads quickly through so that the screws push through what leads to pain
  • stefanomartina

    1 year ago
    purchased this product

    Comfortable office chair


    • Good quality
    • Price
    • Easy to mount


    • Backrest is firm
  • ThierryJ566

    1 year ago
    purchased this product

    Good product

    This review was created for a different variant: Bürostuhl Goodman

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