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  • Vive Cosmos Elite HMD
  • Vive Cosmos Elite HMD
  • Vive Cosmos Elite HMD
CHF 684.95
HTC Vive Cosmos Elite HMD


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User happy.cerberus

A worse version of HTC Vive Pro for the same amount of money

I got this headset as my second HMD next to my Vive Pro. Unfortunately, I'm currently in the process of returning it, after trying a second unit (I genuinely thought that the headset has to be broken, it can't be this bad).

Due to the flip-down mechanism, it is really hard to find a sweet spot for the headset on my head (and yes, this can be totally down to the shape of my head). The screen ends up slightly offset from my head, causing large amounts of chromatic aberration anywhere but the very centre of the view.

The LCD technology does reduce the screendoor effect, however it also introduces smearing of bright objects. This isn't as extreme as the chromatic aberration but definitely quite noticeable, especially when compared to the HTC Vive Pro.

Speaking of the HTC Vive Pro, I really don't see why anyone would buy this headset instead of the Vive Pro. It is basically the same price (yes, you can get the bundle slightly cheaper, but it comes with the old controllers and the old tracking stations) and genuinely worse in every possible aspect. The only reasons I can see is if you really love the concept of the flip-down screen and prefer LCD over OLED despite the smearing.
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