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  • Central 100 (100lm, 20lm)
  • Central 100 (100lm, 20lm)
  • Central 100 (100lm, 20lm)
CHF 72.–
Blackburn Central 100 (100lm, 20lm)

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1 rating on Blackburn Central 100 (100lm, 20lm)

User blabla_digit
Central 100 (100lm, 20lm)

Good Bike Light Combo when you mainly ride your bike in Cities

Good Bike Light Combo

The front light is bright but the light pattern is very wide. Therefore it does not provide a beam which you would need to ride your bike in a very dark environment.
E.g. the Lezyne Macro Drive provides a bright beam and you can easily drive on roads and gravel during a dark night.
But the Blackburn Central Front Light is perfect to be super visible in a city.

The rear light is very good.


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