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X99-A II (LGA 2011-v3, Intel X99, ATX)
CHF 298.–With free promotional product
ASUS X99-A II (LGA 2011-v3, Intel X99, ATX)

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User demer1983
X99-A II (LGA 2011-v3, Intel X99, ATX)


Super Mainboard, läuft alles sehr gut und man hat alles was man benötigt, halt ASUS Qualität!
Digitec verkauft das Mainboard viel zu teuer, mind CHF 50.00 zuviel. (Ohne einen Mehrwert zu erzeugen im Vergleich mit anderen Händlern!)

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User christosmavridisuk
X99-A II (LGA 2011-v3, Intel X99, ATX)

ASUS lost one more customer...

2 weeks ago I purchased this motherboard, cpu, ram and PC tower. I was doing a research on which graphics card and PSU I should go with so that took me some time due to work and other responsibilities! Finally my last components arrived yesterday morning. I went and picked them up, went to work and was waiting the whole day to finish work, get back home and assemble my brand new computer!

Took me almost 1 hour to assemble everything including cable organizing etc. Plugged the PSU to the power and pressed the ultimate button to power on my new computer!

Having ready the drivers disk and Windows 10 installation disk!


Error Code 00 on the motherboard and CPU LED light on.

I was like, oooook now what did I do wrong? After assembling computers for the past 12 years first time I came into this issue. So I run to the manual. Error Code 00 = not used. Very informative answer by ASUS! So I ran on my tablet checking asus forum and youtube videos etc.

I did all the standard checks:
Clear CMOS
Removed the RAMs and tried different channels
I had some spare RAMs that were not compatible QVL but still there should be at least a "bip" sound
So RAMs were out of a table (after all G Skill never failed me before)
Then Graphics card removed and reinstalled nVidia 1050 Ti by MSI (another great and reliable company) and the Error Code 00 still there.
Tried another PSU and OF COURSE the Error Code 00 still there.

Soooo, after every single testing either the CPU is fried (although I do not think so as I applied the correct amount of thermal paste and tighten the CPU cooler just enough. OR the motherboard is just DOA.

My disappointment lies with Digitec as well as they did not consider my case as DOA because there were 2 weeks passed instead of 1. Maybe I asked too much as in England the DOA is always 30 days and I it was my mistake to think it was the same here.

But the most important is I have to wait 3-4 weeks to get my motherboard back!

Never ASUS again
7 days DOA, that is absolutely ridiculous

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X99-A II (LGA 2011-v3, Intel X99, ATX)

sehr empfehlenswert

Anwendung in wassergekühltem Tower mit hochwertigen Komponenten.

passgenauer Einbau (ATX)
unproblematische Inbetribesnahme
einfacher Firmware-Update
leistungsfähiges, mausgesteuertes BIOS
kein Deinstallationsfile für AS-Suite III
Englisch-Kenntnisse nötig (Doku)

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User denny.buchholz
X99-A II (LGA 2011-v3, Intel X99, ATX)


Board ist super und funktioniert einwandfrei. Es ist zwar kein Fehler des Boards sondern der externen Hardware selber aber trotzdem wichtig das LED Tastaturen an USB 3.1 Fehler haben. Die LEDs der Blackwidow "laggen" daran. Das Board braucht ausserdem einen 4 UND 8 Pin ATX da die USB Geräte sonst zu wenig Strom bekommen und sich immer wieder selber trennen. more

BIOS flashback
LEDs steuerbar via software
RGB LED Leisten Anschluss direkt auf dem Board
Blenden aus Aluminium
Übersichtlicher BIOS
USB 3.1

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