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User fab.mariotti

To compare to the carrera

Below is the comment I posted for the carrera version. Cutted :( due to space.
So you could spend the double of the money and get this:


It is just the same, read below or on that product my comment.

As I used this 1 time more, I can add that my 5 years old got curious and had
fun. While the product is suggested for 14 years old, I suggest it for lower age under parental control.

I gave personally FPV whoops to 11 years old kids and they can fly them.
So, this toy will get really uninteresting very soon for young people.

This is one of the reasons to buy this 1/2 priced version as coompared to the Carrera version.

All in all it is cool! Has lights, can do loops, and gives a little magic impression.

========== Below ==============
So you can buy this:



at really 1/2 of the price. IT is basically the same thing.

It seems even better.

The carerra has. screw in the battery holder which makes it available as a toy, but yet the age limit is 14.

For the rest at present they are the same, same usage, same same.

The Amewi comes indeed with 2 charging cables, one for the drone and one for the controller. The carrera has only one, which means you need to charge first the drone then the controller, with charging time that sums up.

Also the Amewi has an external "button" that sends a "landing" message.
It does not work quite well as it seem to be on IR, so you need proper reach, but it is there to be used by parents I would guess.

For the rest these are basically the same thing.

I did try both indoor myself, just for basic functionalities, and I was running the
Amewi outdoor, with my 5 years old.

So part of the negative vote here goes to digitec.ch as they might not check/care/control what they sell.more
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