• Minecraft (Switch, DE)
  • Minecraft (Switch, DE)
  • Minecraft (Switch, DE)
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Nintendo Minecraft (Switch, DE)

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7 answered questions about Nintendo Minecraft (Switch, DE)

User penywise

Ist das Spiel auf einer Karte (Datenträger)?

This question was asked about another variant: Minecraft (Switch, DE)

1 answer
User pavelgryc
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User aragost
User Cetribrata4

Guten Tag kann Mann dieses Spiel auf nitendo Switch lite spielen?

This question was asked about another variant: Minecraft (Switch, FR)

2 answers
User premiert5
Accepted answer

Es müsste aber wir spielen es auf der klassischen Switch daher keine 100% Antwort. Es funktioniert im Handheld Mode das ist wie Switch lite.

User Anonymous

Is this game really only in German? Every other Switch game I have seen comes in EN, FR, DE and IT.

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User animsinha
Accepted answer

The default is english, but it take’s your switch default and then renders the same. As for me i have everything in english even when the game card says german.