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  • Clear (iPhone 5/5S/SE)
  • Clear (iPhone 5/5S/SE)
  • Clear (iPhone 5/5S/SE)
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Hama Clear (iPhone 5/5S/SE)

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1 answered question about Hama Clear (iPhone 5/5S/SE)

User phil zh

I'm interested in buying this case. In one of the photos the case seems to have a cut out in the back of the case. I'm suspecting the photo is of a case of a phone model with a fingerprint reader.

1 answer
User dudus.emin
Accepted answer

The Case is cuted for the specific phone, if you select the right phone under the pictutes you will get the right case. The case didn´t have a cut on the backside, just for the camera a cut and on the side for the iPhone mute bar.