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  • B1 (Receiver)
  • B1 (Receiver)
  • B1 (Receiver)
CHF 169.–
Audioengine B1 (Receiver)

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8 answered questions about Audioengine B1 (Receiver)

User dassowiesogeschieht
User dcube

Kann man das Gerät auch im Auto betreiben?
Z.B. mit dem Stromadapter von "Aukey BR-C8"?

1 answer
User phauri
Accepted answer

Ja, geht auch mit Handy-Ladekabel (micro-usb)

User mathiasham

Unterstützt der Empfänger auch AAC?

2 answers
User Anonymous
Accepted answer


Schwächelt aber etwas beim Empfang...

User bobby1023d

Is this compatible with pioneer VSX2020k AVR.

1 answer
User dbeauc1965
Accepted answer

Yes. It supports both RCA phono and optical inputs on an AVR. The optical input on the vsx2020k is limited to only the TV/DVR/VID channels though so if you would want optical connection you need to use one of them.