• Watch SE (44mm, Aluminium)
  • Watch SE (44mm, Aluminium)
  • Watch SE (44mm, Aluminium)
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Apple Watch SE (44mm, Aluminium)

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11 answered questions about Apple Watch SE (44mm, Aluminium)

User silas
User Anonymous
Accepted answer

Die Funktion lässt sich aktivieren, daher denke ich, dass es funktionieren sollte (solange das iPhone in der Reichweite ist).

User xsmister

Quelle est la différence entre l'Apple Watch SE et l'Apple Watch SE 4G?

This question was asked about another variant: Watch SE (40mm, Aluminium)

1 answer
User JWirth
Accepted answer

4G obviously. 4G means it has a cellular chip that lets you make calls without being connected to a phone.