PolarPro Recon Directors Kit VND Matte Box - McKinnon Edition

82 mm, Protection filter

The Recon VND Matte Box System is designed to eliminate the hassle of lugging around a large matte box, while providing the speed and versatility needed when filming in a variety of lighting conditions. Screw-on VND or base plate. Recon is specifically designed to take no time to set up and allow you to start shooting in seconds. Once the VND base or threaded base is installed, you can start filming.

Snap-on Matte Box. The ultra-compact bonnet and flag can transform Recon into a compact and powerful matte box system. A quick-release lever allows the bonnet to be set up or stowed away in an instant. Recon's filter design revolutionises the way filters are used, allowing for lightning-fast filter changes without fear of putting a finger on the glass.

Key specifications

Filter type
Screw filter
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