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Oculus Rift (US-Import)

An unparalleled experience: Step into your favourite game, watch an immersive VR movie, jump to a destination on the other side of the world, or just spend time with friends in the VR.
Art-Nr 5851198
 Currently unavailable. Delivery date unknown.


  • Currently unavailable. Delivery date unknown.

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Note: US import; no adapter required as power is supplied via USB.

Step into Rift:
Rift is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Whether you’re stepping into your favorite game, watching an immersive VR movie, jumping to a destination on the other side of the world, or just spending time with friends in VR, you’ll feel like you’re really there.

The magic of presence:
Rift’s advanced display technology combined with its precise, low-latency constellation tracking system enables the sensation of presence – the feeling as though you’re actually there. The magic of presence changes everything. You’ve never experienced immersion like this.

Advanced and refined design:
From the moment you pick up Rift, you’ll feel and see the attention to detail that went into its design and construction. Customizable, comfortable, adaptable, and beautiful, Rift is technology and design as remarkable as the experiences it enables.


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General information

Manufacturer Oculus
Product type Gaming VR goggles
Item number5851198
Manufacturer no.Oculus_Rift
Sales rank in Product type Gaming VR goggles10 of 10


Colour group

Gaming VR-Brille Eigenschaften

Image resolution
2160 x 1200 Pixels


A computing platform includes some sort of hardware architecture and a software framework (including application frameworks). The combination allows software to run. Typical platforms include a computer's architecture, operating system, programming languages and related user interface (run-time system libraries or graphical user interface).
A platform is a crucial element in software development. A platform might be simply defined as a place to launch software.

USB 3.0

Delivery contents


Delivery contents

The scope of delivery means the included accessories.

Delivery contents
Oculus Rift
Xbox One Controller
Oculus Remote
Oculus Sensor

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Video game accessories

VR Cover Oculus Rift Überzug (2x) - Stoff (PC)
CHF 23.70
VR Cover Oculus Rift Überzug (2x) - Stoff (PC)


Mail delivery

  • approx. 4–6 days


  • Basel: approx. 4–6 days
  • Bern: approx. 4–6 days
  • Dietikon: approx. 4–6 days
  • Kriens: approx. 4–6 days
  • Lausanne: approx. 4–6 days
  • St Gallen: approx. 4–6 days
  • Winterthur: approx. 4–6 days
  • Wohlen: approx. 3–5 days
  • Zurich: approx. 4–6 days

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User michalskla
Rift (US-Import)

A fun toy if you're a VR enthusiast, but not there yet

Works with both the Oculus shop and Steam VR. Quite comfortable attached to the head/face, not heavy. Some light gets in near the nose area though (maybe it's adjustable - didn't check yet).

As for the VR itself - expect blurry fonts and maybe very slight motion sickness (but it's waaaay better than it was with Oculus Rift DK1) - depends on the person. The 3D itself in games gives a really nice and immersive feeling though!
The resolution is OK, but nothing more (8K might solve this, but we're not there yet) - don't expect to use it for work (infinite desktop? not there yet)

Has weird problems with stability, at least with my setup (which actually works well for everything else).

Some problems I had:
1) My USB 3.0 was "incompatible" with the sensor.
I had to buy a PCI-e USB 3.0 card for ~25 CHF - this solved the problem.

2) USB device was disconnecting at random moments.
Turing off all USB power saving options I could find helped a little. I think it still is sometimes happening, but very rarely.

3) The software/games are not stable - they crash, I have to manually kill oculus software / restart it to make it work. It does work in the end, but...
No good solution - hopefully will be fixed in future software updates (?).

4) For some reason Oculus says that my PC is not meeting the requirements ^_-
(my setup actually exceeds the recommended one quite a bit)

As a player myself, not sure I would recommend buying unless you're a VR enthusiast. Maybe next generation ;)
Still 4/5 stars, as this is more or less what I expected.

3D immersiveness is pretty good
resolution (especially visible with fonts)
motion sickness (depends on the person)
expect stability & compatibility problems

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User theo61
Rift (US-Import)

sehr zufrieden

Ein einmaliger, lohnenswerter Artikel.
Im Gebrauch mit dem DCS-Flugsimulator bietet es ein total neues Blickfeld, der Realität sehr nahe.
Gute Auflösung.
Einfache Installation und Bedienung.

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Oculus Rift (US-Import) Oculus Rift (US-Import)