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PlatformWii, Wii U

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Manufacturer Nintendo
Product type Video games (box)

Video games (box)

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Item number5897682
Manufacturer no.2328354
Release date30.09.2016

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A computing platform includes some sort of hardware architecture and a software framework (including application frameworks). The combination allows software to run. Typical platforms include a computer's architecture, operating system, programming languages and related user interface (run-time system libraries or graphical user interface).
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The Wii (pronounced /ˈwiː/, like the pronoun we) is a home video game console released by Nintendo on November 19, 2006. As a seventh-generation console, the Wii primarily competes with Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3. Nintendo states that its console targets a broader demographic than that of the two others. As of November 2010, the Wii leads the generation over the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in worldwide sales, and in December 2009 broke the record for best-selling console in a single month in the United States.
A distinguishing feature of the console is its wireless controller, the Wii Remote, which can be used as a handheld pointing device and detects movement in three dimensions. Another distinctive feature of the console is WiiConnect24, which enables it to receive messages and updates over the Internet while in standby mode.

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Wii U

Wii U

Wii U ist der Name einer in der Entwicklung befindlichen stationären Videospielkonsole des japanischen Unternehmens Nintendo. Sie stellt den Nachfolger der Nintendo Wii dar.

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User andrinbetschart

Ist dieses Game auch für Wii U?
Was ist der Unterschied zu diesem Produkt?
Nintendo Super Mario 3D World (Wii U, DE)

1 answer
User MissMoneyPenny
Accepted answer

vermutlich ist der Unterschied, dass das Spiel 1x für die Wii U und 1x für die Wii ist?

Aber ich bevorzuge sowieso die Xbox, wegen den lustigen Videos auf der Facebook Seits von Xbox Schweiz...
Dieser Charly ist mit Abstand der lustigste Comedian, den die Schweiz hervorbringt.
Check it out ;)


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Nintendo Selects: Super Mario 3D World (Wii, Wii U) Nintendo Selects: Super Mario 3D World (Wii, Wii U)