Intel Core i9-10900K

LGA 1200, 3.70 GHz, 10 -Core
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Whether you're working on your feature film or the next episode of your YouTube series, Intel Core X processors tailor performance to your needs, with the two fastest cores operating at a higher frequency...

Key specifications

Processor family
Core i9 10th Gen
Number of processor cores
10 -Core
Max. TDP
125 W
Number of threads
PCI express version (max.)
3 (3.0)
Item number

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Overall ratingVery good93/100
Very good92/100Rank 3 out of 6
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PCgoVergleichstest Desktop-ProzessorenReleaseMarch 2021

AMD has clearly decided this battle in its favour. Giant Intel has to play hard to catch up again. At the moment, the classes for the blue team have moved back one point and we have to compare 5s with 7s. The fact that AMD still has a Ryzen 9 5950X up its sleeve should only be mentioned here in passing out of courtesy.

Very good92/100Rank 3 out of 6
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PC MagazinVergleichstest Desktop-ProzessorenReleaseFebruary 2021

That is unusual. It seems Intel has slept through the times a little. When it comes to CPUs, Tema Blue is clearly behind Team Red. This comparative test shows that without ifs and buts. The good thing: CPU prices are developing nicely - as long as AMD doesn't get greedy. The fastest desktop CPU in the consumer sector comes from AMD...