Intel Core i7-10700T
Intel Core i7-10700T (LGA 1200, 2GHz, 8-Core)
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Intel Core i7-10700T

LGA 1200, 2GHz, 8-Core
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The Intel Core i7 processors represent an incredible breakthrough in PC performance thanks to faster, intelligent multi-core technology that dynamically allocates computing power as needed. Experience...


Key specifications

Processor family
Core i7 10th Gen
Number of processor cores
Max. turbo clock rate
4.50 GHz
Max. TDP
35 W

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*Intel 10th Generation** available from 20 May!
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Intel 10th Generation available from 20 May!

Jan Heidenreich
Zurich, on 13.05.2020

There have been a lot of rumours but here come the facts. These are Intel’s 10th generation CPUs and matching mainboards. The release date is 20 May.


Thermal grease

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