Cyrus CM 1 - Minimalist 2G (0.03GB, Black, 1", Single SIM, 2G)

Cyrus CM 1 - Minimalist 2G

0.03GB, Black, 1", Single SIM, 2G
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Our flea, with its only 50g. Weight, is the ideal companion for all activities where you are happy not to have to stow much and still be reachable in case of an emergency...

Important information

2G network

The GSM (2G) network will soon be switched off in Switzerland. Sunrise is switching off the network at the end of 2018, Swisscom and Salt are to follow in approx. 2020. This also applies to all respective providers (Yallo, CoopMobile, M-Budget Mobile, Wingo etc.) We therefore recommend selecting «3G» in the filter. This way you can be sure that your device has 3G and you can use the Swiss network without any problems in the future.


Key specifications

700 mAh
0.03 GB
Image resolution
128 x 64 pixels


Manual · 1.7 MB · German

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