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Important information

Road approval

This vehicle may not be used on public roads. It should be used exclusively on private paths and areas. The vehicle should only be put into operation if conditions permit safe use for the driver and third-parties. It is recommended to wear protective gear (helmet, protectors) when using this vehicle.


Key specifications

Max velocity15 km/h
Range15 - 20 km
Vehicle registration document requiredNo
Driving licence requiredNo

General information

Manufacturer BEAMIE
Product type E-transporters


Comfortable, handy, fast – the future belongs to personal e-transporters! The true pioneer was the e-bike and it’s now being joined by a completely new category, the personal e-transporters. These innovative vehicles are available in various shapes and sizes and – just like electric bikes – are powered by an electric motor and are small and agile. This is a great asset if you’re in an urban environment with heavy traffic. Personal e-transporters include the self-balancing, one or two-wheeled Airwheel, e-scooters, e-skateboards, Segway-style electric stand up scooters and exotic models such as the Smart Wheel Z3.

Item number6399965
Manufacturer no.D210001
External links Manufacturer's site (de)
May include power adapter Yes

This product may require a power adapter. If this is the case, a suitable adapter is included in the delivery.


Colour designation

Personal transporter properties

Vehicle type
Max. weight of driver
120 kg
Engine performance

Engine performance

In physics, power is the rate at which work is performed or energy is converted.

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2 x 350 W
Max velocity

Max velocity

The maximum speed of the device.

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15 km/h
Maximum incline angle
30 °
Wheel diameter

Wheel diameter

Specifies the diameter of the wheel.

8 "


The product is resistant to splash water.


Battery properties


Battery properties

There are two types of batteries: primary batteries (disposable batteries), which are designed to be used once and discarded when they are exhausted, and secondary batteries (rechargeable batteries), which are designed to be recharged and used multiple times. Miniature cells are used to power devices such as hearing aids and wristwatches; larger batteries provide standby power for telephone exchanges or computer data centers.

Battery category
Industry battery
Battery type


A lithium-ion battery (sometimes Li-ion battery or LIB) is a member of a family of rechargeable battery types in which lithium ions move from the negative electrode to the positive electrode during discharge and back when charging. Li-ion batteries use an intercalated lithium compound as the electrode material, compared to the metallic lithium used in non-rechargeable lithium battery.

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Battery size

Battery size

Batterien und Akkus existieren in den verschiedensten Bauformen, um auf gewisse Bedürfnisse von Geräten angepasst zu sein.

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Unbestimmte Baugrösse
Number of cells

Number of cells

Specifies the number of cells that the battery has.

1 x
Batteriegewicht pro Zelle
11000 g
Akku Modell
LG Lithion-Ionen
15 - 20 km

Traffic certificate

Driving licence required
Road approval
Suitable traffic areas
Private grounds

Product dimensions


Product dimensions

Physical size of an object

60 cm
21 cm
22 cm
11 kg

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Returns and warranty

Warranty 24 month Bring-in
30-day right of return

30-day right of return

This product may be returned within 30 days after shipment or collection. A minimum of 10% will be deducted from opened products. Unfortunately, we cannot accept a product if it is damaged, incomplete or missing its original packaging.

Returns and warranty

Please use our simplified returns and warranty process to return a product or register a warranty case. Returns and warranty

Please use our simplified warranty process to view the warranty period as well as any warranty extensions you may have purchased. This will ensure that your return or warranty case is processed quickly and effectively.


Mail delivery/Collection

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We do not have any information regarding the delivery date. It will be shown as soon as it's known.

Information subject to change.

Matching accessories

E-transporter accessories

CHF 78.80
ZINGO Hovercart


Mail delivery

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  • Basel: tomorrow at 13:10
  • Bern: tomorrow at 12:45
  • Dietikon: tomorrow at 14:30
  • Geneva: tomorrow at 13:30
  • Kriens: tomorrow at 11:20
  • Lausanne: tomorrow at 15:40
  • St Gallen: tomorrow at 15:30
  • Winterthur: tomorrow at 13:30
  • Wohlen: tomorrow at 11:00
  • Zurich: tomorrow at 12:30

If ordered immediately.
Information subject to change.

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Customer questions and answers

The 1 most helpful customer questions

User donmaro

Haben diese Hoverboards einen "sanften" Auslauf, wenn der Akku leer wird? Ich habe in mehreren Tests (z.B. hier: ) gelesen, dass bei den meisten die Räder quasi sofort stoppen, wenn der Strom zur Neige geht, was dann natürlich unweigerlich zu Stürzen führt.

1 answer
User mr_a100
Accepted answer

Was bei den BEAMIE Boards schonmal super ist, dass dir der Lautsprecher mitteilt, dass deine Batterie zur neige geht. Wenn du die Ansagen ignorierst, wird der BEAMIE gegen Ende der Akkukapazität langsamer. Wenn Du dann immernoch weiter ignorierst, dann rollt es aus...fängt aber irgendwann zu "stottern" an....als man muss wirklich alle Warnungen ignorieren ;o)
Es gibt auch inzwischen in Deutschland realtiv harte Richtlinien und ein Premium Hersteller wie BEAMIE darf solche Fehler gar nicht machen.
P.S. mit geiler Musik über den Lautsprecher gespielt ist man immer ein Hingucker auf der Straße ;o)


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BEAMIE Hoverboard (15km/h) BEAMIE Hoverboard (15km/h)