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ASUS Hyper M.2 x16 Gen 4 card

The ASUS Hyper M.2 x16 Gen 4 card is compatible with RAID on CPU features of Intel® X299, Z390, Z370 and future platforms and supports PCIe 4.0 NVMe RAID on AMD TRX40 and X570 platforms. Unused CPU-PCle lanes can be allocated to memory, allowing you to create a bootable RAID array with up to four M.2 SSD's. The ASUS Hyper M.2 x16 Gen 4 card uses PCIe 4.0, doubling the bandwidth per lane compared to PCIe 3.0. With four M.2 slots, it provides up to 256 Gbps bandwidth per card, 8 times the bandwidth of a single PCIe 3.0 drive.The ASUS Hyper M.2 x16 Gen 4 card has four M.2 slots that support both PCIe 3.0 and 4.0, allowing you to expand your system with high-performance SSD memory. Designed for the latest generation of NVMe drives, the card features an improved power supply with up to 14W of power per drive, as well as a large heat sink and active fan to ensure the drives remain cool for optimal performance.

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