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AIPTEK MobileCinema i70 (WVGA, 70lm, Miracast, LED, DLP, LED) Actual product image
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AIPTEK MobileCinema i70 (WVGA, 70lm, Miracast, LED, DLP, LED)


Key specifications

Application rangePocket Projector, Portable
Projector technologyDLP
Brightness (ANSI)70 lm
Contrast ratio1000 :1

General information

Manufacturer AIPTEK
Product type Projectors


A video projector is a device that receives a video signal and projects the corresponding image on a projection screen using a lens system. All video projectors use a very bright light to project the image, and most modern ones can correct any curves, blurriness, and other inconsistencies through manual settings. Video projectors are widely used for many applications such as, conference room presentations, classroom training, home theatre and concerts. Projectors are widely used in many schools and other educational settings,[1] sometimes connected to an interactive whiteboard to interactively teach pupils.

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Item number9893719
Sales rank in Product type Projectors80 of 431


Colour group

Projector properties

Application range of projector
Pocket Projector
Projector technology
Key features

Projector Display

Aspect ratio

Aspect ratio

Aspect ratio in the broader sense is the ratio of at least two differently long sides of a polygon. Usually the ratio of the width of a rectangle, a screen or a canvas to its height is given. A square has an aspect ratio of 1:1 because the two sides are of equal length. In the video sector, one also speaks of the aspect ratio.

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Image resolution
Image resolution

Image resolution

Image resolution is a colloquial measure of the image size of a raster graphic. It is indicated by the total number of pixels or by the number of columns (width) and rows (height) of a raster graphic.

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854 x 480 pixels
Dynamic range
Contrast ratio

Contrast ratio

Contrast (lat. versus "against" and stare "stand") is the difference between light and dark areas of an image (it distinguishes light and dark colors). Colloquially, we also speak of brilliance, which, in contrast, is not technically defined.

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1000 :1
Brightness (ANSI)

Brightness (ANSI)

The lumen (symbol: lm) is the SI derived unit of luminous flux, a measure of the total "amount" of visible light emitted by a source. Luminous flux differs from power (radiant flux) in that luminous flux measurements reflect the varying sensitivity of the human eye to different wavelengths of light, while radiant flux measurements indicate the total power of all light emitted, independent of the eye's ability to perceive it.
The light output of projectors (including video projectors) is typically measured in lumens. A standardized procedure for testing projectors has been established by the American National Standards Institute, which involves averaging together several measurements taken at different positions. For marketing purposes, the luminous flux of projectors that have been tested according to this procedure may be quoted in "ANSI lumens", to distinguish them from those tested by other methods.

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70 lm
3D system
No 3D
Projection ratio

Multimedia functions

Further features
Integrated speakers


1 x
USB 2.0 type A

USB 2.0 type A

Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a serial bus standard to interface devices. USB was designed to allow many peripherals to be connected using a single standardized interface socket and to improve the plug-and-play capabilities by allowing devices to be connected and disconnected without rebooting the computer (hot swapping). Other convenient features include providing power to low-consumption devices without the need for an external power supply and allowing many devices to be used without requiring manufacturer specific, individual device drivers to be installed.
The Mini-B, Micro-A, Micro-B , and Micro-AB connectors are used for smaller devices such as PDAs, mobile phones or digital cameras. The Standard-A plug is approximately 4 by 12 mm, the Standard-B approximately 7 by 8 mm, and the Micro-A and Micro-B plugs approximately 2 by 7 mm.

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1 x

Lamp properties

Type of lighting
Lamp life
20000 h

Delivery contents

Delivery contents
USB cable
HDMI cable

Product dimensions

153 mm
102 mm
48 mm
0.33 kg

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Test reports


Average rating 82%
Number of test reports 1

videofilmen Autarkes Kino - Akku-betriebene Pico-Beamer
Rank 1 out of 4
Test score gut


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Edition 06/2016 - Der Aiptek MobileCinema i70 gehört in die Klasse der Beamer die ihr Bildmaterial nur per WLAN von Smartphone oder Tablet entgegen nehmen können. Der Pico-Beamer zeichnet sich durch eine gute Wiedergabequalität beim Bild aus, aber auch der Akku reicht für einen Film am Stück. Die Laufzeit könnte natürlich länger sein, zumal auch die Wiedergabe des Tons besser sein dürfte.

gute Bildqualität
geringe Akkulaufzeit
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CHF 29.–
AIPTEK Smart Stand i70 (Wall, Dining table, cupboard)


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AIPTEK MobileCinema i70 (WVGA, 70lm, Miracast, LED, DLP, LED) AIPTEK MobileCinema i70 (WVGA, 70lm, Miracast, LED, DLP, LED)