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Nano (1Piece, Various)
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DiamondProtect Nano (1Piece, Various)

Question about DiamondProtect Nano (1Piece, Various)

User hamid.moghadam85

I want to buy a Display Protector for my LG Nexus 5x mobile phone, so I want to ask if this protector fits my phone? And where are my other options I could not be able to search about that on your web site my search query was "protector nexus 5x" and I didn't receive anything, thank you for your consideration.

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User blazer_1789
 Accepted answer

This is a liquid that you wipe onto your phone (or tablet, or anything), which leaves a thin protective layer. It will work on any device equally.

I'm not sure how good is it though: it didn't seem secure enough to me, so I bought a regular gorilla glass shield in addition.

Try searchig accessories section of your phone to check if there are any screen protectors that fit.

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