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  • Osmo Mobile 2
  • Osmo Mobile 2
  • Osmo Mobile 2
CHF 132.–
Dji Osmo Mobile 2

Question about Dji Osmo Mobile 2

User Alessandro Bottinelli

Aktuell ist der Liefertermin noch unbekannt. Sobald wir Genaueres wissen, wird dies entsprechend deklariert.

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User Anonymous

Dude, do you guys still don't know or what? More than 1 month later this stupid product on your website says available in 5-7 days...

It said on my order:

"Mitte Mai
Ende Mai"

Now it says "anfang Juni"

What the **** is going on with this? Please ship the product already...

User Anonymous

I cancelled my order and bought it from the apple store for 4 CHF more :)


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