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KEYone (4.50", 32GB, 12MP, Black)
CHF 449.–
BlackBerry KEYone (4.50", 32GB, 12MP, Black)

Question about BlackBerry KEYone (4.50", 32GB, 12MP, Black)

User marcdevinci

I bought the BlackBerry KeyONE at Digitec and I receive Android Patches every month but most of the time between middle and end of month. Don't know exactly who has to "approve" these patches - Blackberry official blogs state that the carrier has to approve it - don't know if it applies for devices bought at Digitec without carriers abo.

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User Anonymous

Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, I'm still sitting on the September update. That should not be. Yes, Blackberry devices from your shop should get updates regularly, I think they have build number BA100-1. My DTEK60 from Digitec has the number BA100-2, which apparently received the update later.

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