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  • Dark Rock PRO 3 (16.30cm)
  • Dark Rock PRO 3 (16.30cm)
  • Dark Rock PRO 3 (16.30cm)
CHF 80.30
be quiet! Dark Rock PRO 3 (16.30cm)

Question about be quiet! Dark Rock PRO 3 (16.30cm)

User dimitarasenov

When I was installing this cooler on my motherboard, I had to remove the RAM heatsinks because they were just too tall. Luckily the RAM heatsinks in my case were mostly just for looks and they weren't really necessary for cooling, so I have no performance problems.

Depending on the precise position of the RAM slots on your Motherboard it can be tight indeed. As Zexion said, you can move the fans around a bit, which might help. In my case, there was only one way I could have both fans, because otherwise one of the fans would overlap with the IO ports on the back.

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