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4G-AC55U, ac866/n300
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ASUS 4G-AC55U, ac866/n300

Rating on ASUS 4G-AC55U, ac866/n300.

User grasmi
4G-AC55U, ac866/n300


I bought this device. It worked ok (ok, I was not amazed with the wifi or mobile 4g speed) with the original firmware. After upgrading the router and modem firmware provided on the Asus site (, I can no longer get a 4G signal with Salt in Switzerland. In the box, Asus provided card with "VIP support", but quite frankly, the support has been absolutely terrible. They provided a firmware update, but there is no way to downgrade it. So if you buy this, PLEASE DO NOT UPDATE THE FIRMWARE or you will end up with an expensive paper weight like I have. Asus support has said they cannot provide a way to downgrade the modem firmware (you can downgrade the router firmware, but that does not work with the updated modem firmware that the latest update includes). Asus are just saying I need to return it to the company I bought it from, and the company I bought it from are just saying I need to return it to Asus. So great customer service and support all around really. Based on the support I have received from Asus, I would never buy another Asus product, and would strongly recommend you think twice if you are considering it.



Detachable antenna
4g Signal with bundled antennas was good (when it worked)
Support from ASUS was appalling
Firmware update rendered device useless, no way to downgrade.
Sim tray is very flimsy (otherwise build quality is good)

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User gtkami

Hello, I did the upgrade also and am using Salt like you. It works perfectly well for me. I did remove the sim card and put it back though after the upgrade. I don't understand your ratings as this is one of the best routers I ever had. Please don't be a troll. Thanks

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User grasmi

Did you update the modem firmware too, or just the router firmware?

To update the modem firmware is a separate process where you need to copy the files to a USB drive and mount it in the device.

In the end, Asus have finally accepted it does not work, but it took month to get them to agree.

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User jousao01

@gtkami Hi, could you confirm that you updated both firmwares?
I also have this router with Salt and have problems with ATV4 and wifi connection after some hours on Teleboy.
I don't want to break my router with the modem firmware update.
Thanks in advance for your answer

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