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  • MagSafe Power Adapter (85W)
  • MagSafe Power Adapter (85W)
CHF 78.90
Apple MagSafe Power Adapter (85W)

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MagSafe Power Adapter (85W)

Seemingly Designed to Fail and Self Destruct

The Apple power supply is seemingly the poorest designed product which Apple has produced in recent years. It is a poem of design over function, built to pair nicely with the MBP laptop, it actually seems designed to degrade after two years of light use. The insulation first begins to crack, and then the outer insulation continually fails and falls off, revealing the bare cabling. On the section near the adapter, it is mechanically horribly designed, ensuring that high stresses will be placed on the conductive inner wiring, which mechanically fatigue and being to fail. This reduces the conductive pathways from the power supply to the cord, and increased resistance can lead to increased thermal loads which in turn contribute to increased failure of the wires. It's as if Apple doesn't include any material or mechanical engineers on the design team and just chose to make a power supply that looks nice but fails at multi-year intervals, forcing consumers to buy a new one. I will look for a 3rd party power supply in the future, which could not possibly have worse quality than the Apple product, and will surely be 1/2 to 1/3 the cost to purchase.


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